The Vault

Volume 1 Issue 3

The Life & Work Of Raymond Dart


Issue Editor Victoria Chance



New Method Of Vocal Respiratory Re-education - FM Alexander

Voice And The Alexander Technique - Allan Hough

The Dart Procedures - Professor Alex Murray

Teaching the Procedures - A. Nicolson/R. Monroe-Simmons/C.Raff

Tribute To Raymond Dart - Professor Phillip Tobias

Dart and Alexander - Frances Wheelhouse

The Garlick Report - Report from the Laboratory

Cartoon Corner on Primary Control - D. Woodcock/L. Sharp

Editorial - Jeremy Chance


"The Dart Procedures"

Professor Alex Murray outlines a practical guide, with many illustrations, to experiment with the movements he has devised based on Raymond Dart's work.

"Teaching the Procedures"

Alex Nicolson, Robin Simmons & Chris Raff describe how to use the procedures in working with yourself and others.

"Tribute to Raymond Dart"

Professor Tobias, Dart's successor at Witwatersrand University, pays tribute to Dart's life and his contributions to the field of anthropology.

"Dart & Alexander"

Drawing from unpublished material, Frances Wheelhouse chronicles Dart's lifelong interest in poise, including Alexander's work, after his second child, Galen, suffered motor damage at birth.

"New Method of Vocal Respiratory Re-education"

F. M. Alexander's second paper in a series of three articles available in V1N2 and V1N4, all written before the publication of his first book.

"Voice & the Alexander Technique"

Based on Husler's work, Allan Hough offers some startling views on the evolutionary origins of singing leading to some ideas which seem to contradict some sacred cows of the Alexander world.