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ABOUT Direction Journal and our mission...

For 26 years, Direction Journal has been the only independent industry journal for the Alexander Technique community worldwide. Started by a passionate and opinionated Jeremy Chance in 1985, Direction Journal has had as colourful editorial life as it has financial.

In the year 2000, Paul Cook, a graduate Alexander Technique teacher took over as publisher and editor. Five new journals were produced in quick succession after a 2 year drought induced by financial problems. It only took 4 years for the financial concerns to sideline the journal once again.

The website you are viewing today is a welcome step back into the publishing of Direction Journal, using a whole host of new technologies. Ideally, this new era will see Direction Journal remain in print and in the spotlight for many years to come, completely independent of financial worries and of course as independent as ever in editorial spirit.


OUR Mission...

Is to provide information and training for Alexander Technique teachers, for the benefit of their students and to assist them in reaching the wider community. 

When an Alexander Technique teacher (with any level of experience) can open a practice or any corporate door and find plenty of work using their expertise, our work will be done. 

The important need for Alexander principles in this fast changing world is greater today than ever before and our belief is that there is simply a lack of good quality interfacing between the principles of allowing and doing. 

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Yours in Alexander,


Paul Cook