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Congress Update

Back in Australia after a great trip to Lugano... the most expensive city in Europe! The experience at congresses is something like a theme park... so many workshops and presentations plus hundreds of friends and colleagues all eager to share and learn. In case you haven't had time to look, I posted a few photos and videos at the facebook page ( I also had full intentions of writing a few summaries here during the week but there was hardly time to eat let alone write.

The program put together by Jamie, Bob and Irmel was packed. The most common complaint I heard was "how am I supposed to choose which workshop... there are so many great options!" Even though the numbers were down on last congress, it seemed like there was just the right amount of people attending. Many motivating and inspiring stories of success from teachers in the field and much science and progress supporting the work that we already know works. Rachel Zahn's presentation was probably the highlight for me and I'll dig back through my notes to give you a summary in a day or two. Kevan Martin also brought everyone through an emotional journey via Elisabeth Walker's life story.

Stay with me... I'll bring you some more news soon.



Subscription Offer Extended... a bit 

Due to feedback that this is all too rushed (and complicated)... I've extended the offer a few more days until July 31st. After this time I'm off to Lugano. Please watch this new video below for a better explanation of the offer and more info on the bonus resources you get inside new Direction Journals.

And I've worked out how to flip a video so that things I hold in front of the camera can be read! duh

cheers Paul



Subscription Offer for Next 7 Days

In my very first foray into video on the web... I celebrate with an offer to subscribe that I've never made before. Plus, if you're not aware of my personal story of pain that led me to the Alexander Technique I share some of that here too...

Watch and enjoy as I tie my tongue in knots in a couple of places. Hopefully you understand my Australian accent! If not, let me know by posting a message below the screen.




Currency Change Update

For the last 6 months we've been researching a better way to accept credit card payments. The two different systems that we've offered since 2008 are Paypal (with credit card option) and Clickbank (credit card with paypal option). Both of these options were set up to keep our operational currency in US Dollars.

However... Clickbank is cumbersome for us to sell products through and doesn't allow multiple items to be purchased! For example, if you want a subscription but also some of the back issues at the same time, this cannot be done. And Paypal is good for some, but not for others...

So, we've decided to plug in a standard merchant system from our local bank (St George) here in Australia from now on. Unfortunately, this now forces us to bill in Australian dollars. It is kinda coincidental that the Australian dollar is doing well on the international market right now...but that's something that we have to wear when the rates go back the other way eventually!

The prices have not changed, they are simply in AUD instead of USD. On the "Subscribe" page above there is a free currency converter so that you can input YOUR CURRENCY against the Australian dollar before you subscribe. That way you can make a note of the amount that will be charged to your credit card (give or take a few cents depending on our bank).

If you would like to post a cheque instead of using credit cards etc, we now accept cheques in $USD, $AUD, EURO and GBP Sterling. Simply print off the subscription form and send it with your cheque.

But... be sure to calculate the exchange rate before you post please.

Cheques no longer accepted due to high bank fees.





Teaching Children Issue Shipped

Thanks for your patience, we have finally kissed our latest issue goodbye and it will be landing around the globe over the next 2 weeks via DHL.

Working with children is a lost legacy of the originator of the Alexander technique. Whilst FM Alexander attempted to impart his discoveries to the next generation it was disrupted by two world wars and the desperate need for adults to learn how to become conscious. Since his death in 1955, few teachers have succeeded in making a career of teaching children the Alexander work. We have interviewed and picked the brains of half a dozen in this new issue and look forward to a new era of enlightenment for children as this information is shared and studied around the world.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our latest journal, Teaching Children. Please use the following links to check out excerpts, audio interviews, images, video and downloadable material to study. Yes, it's all free. Make sure you share all of this information with as many people inside and outside the education system. It's time for a renaissance in childhood education and the Teaching Children issue is the first key in unlocking this new potential for our next generation.



Order Here




Extract 1: Kids on the Court

Extract 2: The Education System

Extract 3: Blending Alexander into a Child's Life


Teaching Children New Issue

I have good news! The new issue has returned from the designer and it looks stunning. Would you like a sneak peek at the cover? Click here to see: Teaching Children

Many hurdles have been jumped (some crashed into) in the process of creating this issue but the wait will certainly be worth it. Articles and interviews with some of the most inspirational Alexander teachers in the world will put FM's legacy back in front of the next generation. Once you have studied the material in this edition of DIRECTION you will have the tools, evidence and confidence to support your foray into the local school or kindergarten.

Following hot on the heels of the Teaching Children issue will be two more issues by Christmas. While there has been a large gap since the Schools of Thought issue in April, the writing and interviewing has not stopped. The new Active Issue (Sports/Fitness issue) encompasses Pilates, Tennis, Golf, Running, Swimming and a few other active pursuits in relation to the Alexander principle. Active lifestyles are becoming more and more important as our population ages. With thousands of hapless baby boomers being thrust into group fitness sessions without movement awareness on a daily basis, a new wave of injuries promises to fill the pockets of physiotherapists and other treatment professionals. (not to mention the drug corporations)

An unprecedented opportunity exists for Alexander teachers to participate in designing mindful movement activity (hey, that rolls off the tongue well) as demand increases for better quality instruction. Think about what Pilates did for the so-called fitness/health industry as far as being more mindful and specific about exercise. I'm looking forward to bringing you the life's work of some inspired Alexander teachers who teach Alexander to people via their preferred activity. Imagine if Alexander technique could become known as a revolutionary new adjunct to golf instruction or learning to play tennis! Would that increase the work prospects for our profession?

I'll be back in touch when we start shipping the new issue to subscribers...hopefully in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience.



Rick Brennan, Successfully Selling the Alexander technique

Rick Brennan

NEXT LIVE INTERVIEW: August 9th, 11pm GMT (6pm EST-USA)

I interviewed Rick for the recent DIRECTION issue, Schools of Thought as he runs a highly successful teacher-training school in Ireland. Success as a training school to me isn't the number of people on your course or how many people you graduate, it's about how successful your graduates are upon entering the real world. In that interview several months ago I was literally champing at the bit to ask him other questions...questions that Alexander teachers often ask me.

Rick's expertise is in selling Alexander technique to the common person...the normal people of the world! Author of numerous books and never backward in coming forward to the public, Rick has all the techniques for touching people deeply enough to want more. Join me as I pick his brain on how Alexander technique is going to survive the next decade, with or without scientific support to freewheel on.

More about Richard

Richard Brennan has studied the Alexander Technique since 1983 and has been teaching the technique full time since 1989 he travels throughout Europe giving talks and courses on the Technique. He has taught the Technique at many educational centres including Galway University, Limerick University, Dartington College of Arts, Middlesex University and in the music Department of DIT, Dublin 

Richard has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including The Irish Times, The Sunday Tribune, The Irish Examiner, Cosmopolitan, Hello and Home and Country; he has appeared on BBC I & RTE 1 and been featured on BBC Radios 4 & 5 as well as many local Radio around Ireland and the UK. He has written four books on the Alexander Technique, which are translated into eight languages including Russian and Hebrew which are on sale world-wide and his first book – The Alexander Workbook is currently being updated after having sold more than 100,000 copies. He has also written many articles on the technique for a variety of newspapers and magazines.

Richard lives in Galway, Ireland where he is the director of the Alexander Teacher Training College, Ireland (STAT approved). He has also been the President and Vice- President of the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers. (ISSAT) and he was also guest presenter for the AmSAT annual conference in San Francisco in 2009 and gives workshops at the International AT Congress.

More on Richard's website here


Running and Alexander technique

LIVE Interview June 28th, 2010

Malcolm Balk (MSTAT*) qualified with Patrick Macdonald in 1984. In addition to maintaining a private practice in Montreal, he also teaches at Plattsburgh State University in New York. Originally attracted to the Technique because of major tension issues while playing the cello, Malcolm has enjoyed helping musicians and other performers develop better control and more freedom for over 25 years. He is also a Level 4 running coach and still competes in his veteran category. (He recently ran a half-marathon in one hour and 22 minutes, at 55 years old.) In 1991 he developed The Art of Running workshop which has been enjoyed by runners all over the world and has published two books, Master the Art of Running and Master the Art of Working Out.

More information about Malcolm and workshops in the art of running can be found here.

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Alexander technique and Sportspeople [Golf!]

LIVE INTERVIEW : Tuesday 22nd June, 2010
Roy Palmer is a STAT registered teacher of AT and also a martial artist and runner. We have talked once before already, but that recording didn't work this interview will be jam packed! He has been working on a new book which has recently been released and you will be given the first 2 chapters at this interview. It's called Golf Sense and brings Alexander technique and Golf together in a readable text that is sure to open doors around the world.
However, Roy's expertise extends to many different areas of competitive sport. He is passionate about the performance enhancing potential of the Alexander technique and will be sharing his insights into how the Alexander work can best accompany sportspeople in their endeavours. 
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Roy's new book Golf Sense can be previewed here.

Golf and the Alexander technique Interview

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
In the USA in 2005, Golf was responsible for 2 million jobs and turnover of $76 billion.  In fact, this was more than the entire motion picture and video industry. Wow. Do people like to spend on their game or what? And what do they spend it on? Well, book sales and magazines are a big chunk ($925.2 million). Then there's the equipment/supplies bill... $2.47 billion.  


Martyn JonesGolf is huge...and Martyn Jones, a coach for the World Golf Teaching Federation, knows his game. As an Alexander technique teacher of 14 years in the UK, he specialises in working with golfers looking to improve their game and he helps, over and over again.


From his website, 


"Recent statistics state 57% of golfers experience recurring or constant pain, including problems in the neck, back, hips, legs shoulders, and elbows." 

Join us as we...


- discover how to bring Alexander technique onto the fairway to improve your game  
- learn how to take a slice of that billion dollar industry as a teacher of the technique!


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More about Martyn can be found here.