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Breathing Like You've Never Seen Before

I rarely allocate time for Facebook... simply because it's too easy to get off track and just float away with gossip and who's doing what. However, every now and then I'm just at the right place to stumble across an important update. 

Jessica Wolf(The Art of Breathing), a long time friend and mentor in the field of breathing recently completed a campaign to produce a fully animated working model of the entire torso. This is a stunning production... no expense spared. Watch a 30 second clip via vimeo below.

To purchase the whole 20 minute final product simply visit Amazon Here

Watching how the ribs expand, the diaphragm flows up and down plus seeing the internal massage of the organs is a surreal experience. Each layer of musculature is gradually added onto the bony foundation so that the viewer can get an idea how it all works in concert. There's even a beautiful rotation of the entire model so that you can watch the underneath view of the diaphragm as it moves! 

There is nothing currently available to match this visual description of breathing and it is with a touch of pride I will admit that an Alexander technique teacher has gone to the trouble of making it possible. If every anatomical teaching module within educational institutions around the world don't purchase this beautiful work for their students, they'd be mad. I will be recommending it as essential for any person wanting to see inside the body of an ideal breather... far from the average human in the western world.

FM Alexander's reputation as the breathing man has been resurrected in immense style and clarity. Congratulations Jessica and thankyou on behalf of the Alexander technique community.

If you teach breathing or would like to know the inside workings of natural breathing, you simply must get your own copy.