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Three Great Ideas For Direction 2013

Thankyou for your generous responses... and they're still arriving daily into my inbox. Malcolm's happy... his running article is now liberated, I'm happy... just hearing from so many lovely people does that, but also I've compiled the three best ideas of the lot.

1. Digital Production to Web

Although producing our magazine to digital was knocked back a few years ago in our survey, it seems that the iPad and Kindle has helped simplify (and beautify) the concept of reading on a screen. Within the next two months Direction Journal will be available on a digital platform as well as paper. Don't worry... paper will always be available too.

2. Student Subscriptions (for students enrolled in an Alexander teacher training course)

Available now $49  Simply provide the contact details of your course director at the checkout.

3. Library Subscription Bonus

The new Library Subscription Bonus gives you 75% off your subscription. If you have baulked at paying $97 for 4 magazines delivered to you in the past, then here is a chance to get a very big discount. Once the library signs up, pay only $24 for your subscription. If you would like us to contact them directly, simply send us the librarian contact details.

Plus one reminder... our Affiliate Program

Launched... some time ago, but hardly mentioned since, the affiliate program rewards you for recommending Direction to others. The commissions are generous and are paid on the initial sale plus any other person referred by your initial contact. We also customise a landing page so people who arrive upon your recommendation feel welcome. There are various ways to earn a commission and you are supplied with a special link to distribute wherever you want. Images and banners are also available for your website, blog, facebook page, twitter... you name it.

There are other ideas such as selling advertising space and linking up with societies, but these are a harder option. I haven't yet found a way to achieve either.

In any case, the Direction community is alive and well. I'm sure a little more conversation on these topics will bring further inspiration. And the new issue is back on track!