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Golfing in Balance 

Without exquisite balance the coordination of a golf swing fails the majority of people. Ironically if you ask a professional golfer what they are actually doing when they swing a club you'll get many different answers and very few are directed at freeing the natural swing motion.

Working with an Alexander teacher on improving your general movement and coordination will contribute immensely to the performance of your swing on the course. Just ask Roy Palmer and Martyn Jones, two Alexander teachers who have been refining the delivery of Alexander's principles to golfers with great success and are featured in the forthcoming issue ACTIVE. (only available with a current subscription)

Most amateur observers of professional expertise will only glean idiosyncracies such as grip, stance or head position. It takes the trained eye of an Alexander teacher to help the golfer uncover their interference with the smooth rotation of the torso and most of this interference can be learned off the course.

Both Roy and Martyn prefer to begin within their teaching studio without a swinging weapon as the self-observation necessary for fundamental change can be refined in simple daily movement. It's not until the student has the ability to prevent their usual spinal compressions that their body is capable of freedom in the swing...but how they capture this change in physiology is the art of teaching Alexander's technique.

Without doubt, billions of hard earned are spent on golf each year and most of it is going into a bottomless pit of no improvement in results or enjoyment. There is a goldmine out there behind those bunkers and Roy Palmer and Martyn Jones are tickling the tip of the iceberg with their work.

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Congress Ireland 2015

Yes I'm still alive... and will be available as a target for any eggs or rotten tomatoes at the forthcoming Congress. It has been a long, long time since DIRECTION produced a new journal and I'm very sorry for the big gap. The new issue "Active" has been promised for many months and I cannot make any more excuses or promises...simply because I can't possibly make anything else up!

The wait is nearly over for this new issue which will be the first of its kind anywhere in the Alexander publishing world. A selection of articles on the application of Alexander to sporting pursuits, health/fitness and movement by Alexander teachers will open the lid on huge areas of modern society in need of constructive conscious control...and compassion. 

Since FM Alexander's day many movement regimes have come and gone to the chagrin of many an Alexander teacher. The principles of balanced and conscious coordination are needed even more today as we are bombarded with "Scientifically" validated exercise physiological remedies to the ills of modern lifestyle choices...and oh, a blinding lack of education in self awareness for all-day, every-day needs.

How does a student/teacher of Alexander navigate this minefield of sales pitches without alienating themselves completely from the very people who need the help?

ACTIVE Issue explores the huge areas of physical pursuit in Golf, Tennis, Pilates, Running, Swimming and Cycling. Working with the mainstream is much more intelligent than posturing on the sidelines as the work passes by. Stay tuned as I dust off this blog and bring more interesting clips from the people who have helped me create this exciting addition to the DIRECTION catalogue.

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Alexander technique and Sportspeople [Golf!]

LIVE INTERVIEW : Tuesday 22nd June, 2010
Roy Palmer is a STAT registered teacher of AT and also a martial artist and runner. We have talked once before already, but that recording didn't work this interview will be jam packed! He has been working on a new book which has recently been released and you will be given the first 2 chapters at this interview. It's called Golf Sense and brings Alexander technique and Golf together in a readable text that is sure to open doors around the world.
However, Roy's expertise extends to many different areas of competitive sport. He is passionate about the performance enhancing potential of the Alexander technique and will be sharing his insights into how the Alexander work can best accompany sportspeople in their endeavours. 
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Roy's new book Golf Sense can be previewed here.

Golf and the Alexander technique Interview

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
In the USA in 2005, Golf was responsible for 2 million jobs and turnover of $76 billion.  In fact, this was more than the entire motion picture and video industry. Wow. Do people like to spend on their game or what? And what do they spend it on? Well, book sales and magazines are a big chunk ($925.2 million). Then there's the equipment/supplies bill... $2.47 billion.  


Martyn JonesGolf is huge...and Martyn Jones, a coach for the World Golf Teaching Federation, knows his game. As an Alexander technique teacher of 14 years in the UK, he specialises in working with golfers looking to improve their game and he helps, over and over again.


From his website, 


"Recent statistics state 57% of golfers experience recurring or constant pain, including problems in the neck, back, hips, legs shoulders, and elbows." 

Join us as we...


- discover how to bring Alexander technique onto the fairway to improve your game  
- learn how to take a slice of that billion dollar industry as a teacher of the technique!


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More about Martyn can be found here.