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The Ripple Effect

The forthcoming issue Vol 3 No. 9 (Active) contains an insightful look at the work of Steven Shaw. This week he sent me an update on two interesting and exciting developments.

The premier chain of health clubs in Europe, Holmes Place decided to adopt the Shaw Method as their preferred model for the teaching of swimming. Holmes Place’s ethos ‘one life - live it well’, coupled with their beautiful warm pools make them an excellent fit for Steven’s mindful approach to swimming.  
Steven and his team have been delivering training in Portugal and Spain to the staff of over 20 Holmes Place clubs.  The teacher-training programme will extend to Greece and Poland later this year, with Germany and Israel to follow in 2016.  This is a really exciting development for the Alexander Technique community, because Holmes Place are keen to recruit Alexander teachers as key members of their wellbeing teams.  This effectively opens the door for Alexander teachers to work at great venues with the support and backing of Holmes Place.
The second exciting development came about when Steven was invited to appear on the UK’s high-profile breakfast television show Lorraine.  He took part in the Change One Thing feature as expert tutor and mentor for viewer Elaine O'Shea who, with Steven's support and guidance, fulfilled her life-long wish to overcome a crippling fear of water.  The broadcast on 30 March charted the progress over a series of lessons of 53-year-old Elaine as she was introduced to the Shaw Method.  
Viewers saw that with Steven’s guidance and support Elaine rapidly overcame her fear and began to enjoy being in the water.  This programme immediately generated an incredible response from other fearful adult non-swimmers inspired to overcome their anxiety and hoping, like Elaine, to discover a new joy and freedom in swimming.  
In recent weeks, Steven’s office team have received thousands of requests for beginners’ lessons from around the UK.  As a result, Art of Swimming has entered into a nationwide partnership with a chain of hotels to enable them to respond to this demand by offering local Learn to Swim workshops and courses to adults who would like to transform their relationship with the water. Watch the episode below to see the Shaw Method in action with Steven himself.

Teaching Children Issue Shipped

Thanks for your patience, we have finally kissed our latest issue goodbye and it will be landing around the globe over the next 2 weeks via DHL.

Working with children is a lost legacy of the originator of the Alexander technique. Whilst FM Alexander attempted to impart his discoveries to the next generation it was disrupted by two world wars and the desperate need for adults to learn how to become conscious. Since his death in 1955, few teachers have succeeded in making a career of teaching children the Alexander work. We have interviewed and picked the brains of half a dozen in this new issue and look forward to a new era of enlightenment for children as this information is shared and studied around the world.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our latest journal, Teaching Children. Please use the following links to check out excerpts, audio interviews, images, video and downloadable material to study. Yes, it's all free. Make sure you share all of this information with as many people inside and outside the education system. It's time for a renaissance in childhood education and the Teaching Children issue is the first key in unlocking this new potential for our next generation.



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