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Congress Ireland 2015

Yes I'm still alive... and will be available as a target for any eggs or rotten tomatoes at the forthcoming Congress. It has been a long, long time since DIRECTION produced a new journal and I'm very sorry for the big gap. The new issue "Active" has been promised for many months and I cannot make any more excuses or promises...simply because I can't possibly make anything else up!

The wait is nearly over for this new issue which will be the first of its kind anywhere in the Alexander publishing world. A selection of articles on the application of Alexander to sporting pursuits, health/fitness and movement by Alexander teachers will open the lid on huge areas of modern society in need of constructive conscious control...and compassion. 

Since FM Alexander's day many movement regimes have come and gone to the chagrin of many an Alexander teacher. The principles of balanced and conscious coordination are needed even more today as we are bombarded with "Scientifically" validated exercise physiological remedies to the ills of modern lifestyle choices...and oh, a blinding lack of education in self awareness for all-day, every-day needs.

How does a student/teacher of Alexander navigate this minefield of sales pitches without alienating themselves completely from the very people who need the help?

ACTIVE Issue explores the huge areas of physical pursuit in Golf, Tennis, Pilates, Running, Swimming and Cycling. Working with the mainstream is much more intelligent than posturing on the sidelines as the work passes by. Stay tuned as I dust off this blog and bring more interesting clips from the people who have helped me create this exciting addition to the DIRECTION catalogue.

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Teaching Children Issue Shipped

Thanks for your patience, we have finally kissed our latest issue goodbye and it will be landing around the globe over the next 2 weeks via DHL.

Working with children is a lost legacy of the originator of the Alexander technique. Whilst FM Alexander attempted to impart his discoveries to the next generation it was disrupted by two world wars and the desperate need for adults to learn how to become conscious. Since his death in 1955, few teachers have succeeded in making a career of teaching children the Alexander work. We have interviewed and picked the brains of half a dozen in this new issue and look forward to a new era of enlightenment for children as this information is shared and studied around the world.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our latest journal, Teaching Children. Please use the following links to check out excerpts, audio interviews, images, video and downloadable material to study. Yes, it's all free. Make sure you share all of this information with as many people inside and outside the education system. It's time for a renaissance in childhood education and the Teaching Children issue is the first key in unlocking this new potential for our next generation.



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Extract 1: Kids on the Court

Extract 2: The Education System

Extract 3: Blending Alexander into a Child's Life