The Vault

Brighton 1988

Towards Unity

The Congress Papers is dedicated to the life & work of
Sir George Trevelyan

Editor's Note:

In these Congress Papers, both American and English orthography have been retained as presented by the author in his or her paper. In the rare instance where works referred to in the text have not been fully cited, the authors were unable, for numerous reasons, to supply full references and we beg the reader's indulgence in this matter. Of all the papers delivered at the Congress, three are missing from this collection. Jacqueline Evan's paper "Early History of F.M. Alexander and his Family," John Nicholl's paper "Modern Man in Search of a Body" and Mary Steenburgen's talk about her early acting/Alexander experiences. Ms Evans felt that further research work was necessary before her paper was ready for publication. Mr Nicholls gave no reason for his decision not to make this paper available to the reader. However, an alternative version, "The Alexander Technique in a Larger Context," is currently available from STAT Books in London. Ms Steenburgen's talk was of an informal nature and no record was available for publication. Of the workshops given at the Congress, three have not generated a paper, as they were chiefly practical in nature. These were "Horsemanship and the Alexander Technique" with Danny Pevsner and Walter Carrington, "Singing and the Alexander Technique" with Ron Murdock and Kathleen Ballard's workshop held in association with her paper appearing in this collection, "The Alexander Technique and Postural Reflexes." Finally the question and answer session with the Senior Guest Teachers—Marjory Barlow, Marjorie Barstow and Dilys & Walter Carrington—has not been included as there was no 'paper' generated from this discussion. However, a full video archive of the Congress was made. I gratefully acknowledge the support of the Congress Director, Michael Frederick (who appears on the cover in a photo by Kevin Ruddell) and all of those authors whose paper appears in this book. The list of members of The 2nd International Congress Executive Committee appears on page six.

Jeremy Chance