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Tribalistic Thinking: Enslavement Or Freedom?

By Laura Huxley & Cheryl Pappas Ph.D


Tribes are a necessity for survival, but surviving need not dampen our sense of adventure. The richness of the Alexander Technique is that it can transcend tribalistic thinking. We are asleep when we think tribalistically. (For example, "I trained in London, therefore my schooling is more pure." Or, "I studied in New York, therefore my education is more progressive.") Can we not apply the principles of Alexander's discovery to our relationships with each other? ("You have much to teach me if I let go of my need to be right.") It is ironic that in our need to survive, we damage ourselves by holding onto the familiar. 

Sometimes the very fact of survival obscures really living and prevents new unfamiliar people-members of other tribes-from entering into our lives. The point of being alive is transcending mere survival and enjoying our uniqueness while being with people of different perspectives. Therefore, let us not enslave ourselves with imaginary divisions and paranoia. 

Rather than focusing in on itself, the Alexander Technique is to be a window, opening on new and wider horizons… inviting us to apply its principles, not only in our personal "use of ourselves," but in our professional life as well. When we allow diversity, we strengthen unity. ■



Laura Huxley: Film producer and author of: This Timeless Moment: A Personal View of Aldous Huxley.

Cheryl Pappas, Ph.D: Psychologist in private practice, Los Angeles, California.

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