The Vault

Engleberg 1991

A Spirit of Learning Together


The Congress Papers is dedicated to the lives & work of:

Judith Leibowitz, 1920-1990
Dr Wilfred Barlow, 1915-1991
Patrick Macdonald, 1910-1991
Richard Walker, 1911-1992

Editor's Note

All spellings have been retained in either the American or English format as presented by the author. Jane Heirich’s paper “Supporting the Voice by Thinking Forward and Up” has been withdrawn from publication for technical reasons and will be published in a “Voice” issue of DIRECTION in January 1994. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Michael Frederick on behalf of the members of The 3rd International Congress Policy Steering Committee:

Doris Dietschy - Basel, Switz.
Michael Frederick - Ojai, CA, USA.
David Gorman - London, England.
Verena Maria Keller - Lupsingen BL, Switz.
Gloria Gotti Ross  - CA, USA.
Glynn Macdonald - London, England.
Sarnell Ogus - New York, NY, USA.
Frank Ottiwell - San Francisco, CA, USA.
Elizabeth Waterhouse - London, England.

Jeremy Chance