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The Subscription Explained (Updated April 2015)

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For many years Direction Journal has endeavoured to bring Alexander Technique to a wider audience, but the costs of publishing and the tyranny of distance has scuttled the business several times. To continue to provide as much value as possible to as many people as possible we created a "Free Subscription". This is digital only... no paper. You don't receive new magazines, but you can access the online content of our website in a members only section and get a better feel for whether you want to commit to a "Paid Subscription". See below for what's inside each.

Important: A subscription "drive" occurs prior to the new issue being released. You may purchase the latest issue separately 2 months after it has been released to subscribers. When you subscribe, your 1st subscription copy will be the most recent issue published. A paid subscription is FOUR (4) journals posted to your door. 

To be advised of the next "drive", please take out a Free Subscription.

Free Subscription
  1. Invitations to interviews with top teachers. (click here for a sample)
  2. Walter Carrington recordings. (click here for a sample)
  3. Alexander Directory listing, with password access. ($20 value p.a.)
  4. Digital archive of selected Congress Papers from 1988, 1991 and 1994.
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Paid Subscription

All of the above plus:

  1. Live Interview recordings and transcripts. (23 audios to date)
  2. 4 New journals posted to you upon publication.
  3. Walter Carrington recordings. (click here for a sample) (16 audios to date)
  4. Free access to complete Congress Papers from 1988, 1991, 1994. (90 in total)
  5. Exerpts from back issues.
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