The Vault

A Brief History and Acknowledgements

Dr David Garlick,
Congress Director.

Even before the 2nd Alexander Congress in Brighton in 1988, Australian teachers had thought of the possibility of a Congress being held in Australia. Margaret Long suggested that an Australian Congress should be proposed for Tasmania. Several Australian teachers (Terry Fitzgerald amongst them) produced T-shirts promoting an Australian Congress with the slogan 'Going Up Downunder' for the 2nd Congress.

In 1990 a Sydney group (Alex NicoIson, Susan Allen, amongst others) talked about making a bid at the 3rd Congress. This was endorsed by an AGM of AUSTAT. David Garlick was delegated to present the bid to the 3rd Congress in Switzerland, where, in the final session it was strongly endorsed by the 450 or so delegates. Michael Frederick, the originator and director of the first three congresses, asked David Garlick to take over the directorship of the 4th Congress. Planning for the 4th Congress was launched with the active work of Susan Allen and a Congress circular was produced. Then Gwen Harrigan joined as Congress administrator, becoming central and indispensable in over sighting the production, labelling and mailing of 2,500 Congress early circulars and then the Congress brochures to teachers throughout the world (with valuable help from students in the ATA Teacher Training Program). Gwen has been responsible for all Congress Administration & registration.

Students from the Ackers Training Centre, the Centre for Alexander Technique Studies, and the Melbourne Alexander Teacher Training School provided important assistance in the preparation and implementation of the Congress program.

Michael Frederick was consultant for the 4th Congress, assisted by a Policy Steering Committee: Rosemary Brenner, Australia; Rivka Cohen, Israel; Doris Dietschy, Switzerland; Carolyne Jamieson, Australia; Glynn Macdonald, UK; Shmuel Nelken, Israel; Sarnel Ogus, USA; Frank Ottiwell, USA.

A Sydney Organising Committee, with members taking responsibility for particular areas were: Rosemary Brenner, (theatre and other bookings, childcare etc.); Jeremy Chance (friends' brochure, media advisor), Greg Holdaway (dance panel), Carolyne Jamieson (musicians' panel), Michael Shellshear (publicity).


Opening Ceremony

Senior Guest Teachers

Marjory Barlow
Dilys and Walter Carrington (Videotaped message)
Elisabeth Walker
Erika Whittaker

Welcome Addresses

Professor Ian Webster
Michael Frederick (Congress Consultant)
Doris Dietschy (Congress Advisory Committee)
Dr David Garlick (Congress Director)
Professor Eugene Lumbers
Professor David Tracey

Congress Teachers

Andrea Beesley
Bruce Fertman
Vivien Mackie
David Mills
Jean Clark
Catherine Kettrick
Catherine Madden
Shmuel Nelken
Thomas Fehr
Yehuda Kuperman
Misha Magidov
Workshop Presenters
Tony Backhouse
Peter Fisher
Jane Heirich
Troup Mathews
Chris Raff
Ken Thompson
Maggie Young
Malcolm Balk
Peter Grunwald
Eva Karczag
Rosslyn McLeod
Ann Metzeling/Shoebridge
Lucia Walker
Jeremy Chance
David Hall
Catherine Kettrick
David Mills
Eugene Schlusser
Elizabeth Waterhouse

Evening Panelists

Musicians, Singers and the Alexander Technique

David Dale
Vivien Mackie
Rosslyn McLeod
Pam Davis
Elizabeth Waterhouse
Nigel Nettheim
Deborah de Graaff
Jane Heirich
Megan Taylor

Dancers and the Alexander Technique

Terry Fitzgerald
Wendy Morrow
Tony Geeves
Lucia Walker
Eva Karczag

Body—Mind Interactions and the Alexander Technique

Susan Ballinger
Graham Pont
Don Mixon
Razia Ross
Linda Murrow
Duncan Woodcock

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