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Moving the Moving

By Eva Karczag


In the two workshop sessions that I taught during the Congress, I was interested in communicating my particular understanding of the Alexander Technique as it relates to the movement work that I am involved with.

My concerns lie with the experiencing of the body as a dynamic, 3-dimensional entity, constantly in movement—balance is movement—a finely-tuned instrument always available to change.

I wanted participants to explore touch as both the giving of 'direction' and also as simply pure presence—allowing the person being touched to have the time and space to feel themselves being touched, just that. My work often includes tracing and defining, especially skeletal structure, feeling the 'true' weight of parts—a return to the reality of the physical body that houses us.

During the first session, we worked with 'back and up' somewhat indirectly—through helping our partner to fill their back with breath, and so make space for the softness of the front, that could now fall back into this expanded, breathing, moving—breath is movement—roundness, before the upness surged upward, lightening torso and head, and freeing the limbs.

During the second session, we worked with the organs, ie. weight and substance within the body, supporting its 3-dimensionality. Weight grounds our lightness even as lightness supports our weight.

I brought in my small skeleton (the 3-dimensional framework) that we touched, and many pictures that we looked at. I find that seeing the body illustrated in many different ways, from many different angles gives students an enriched view of themselves. I am constantly collecting illustrations as I research and teach, and as I travel and come in contact with people from many nations, with many backgrounds—medical, spiritual, artistic, etc.—who often offer me as gifts, copies of their favourite views of bones, muscles, organs, internal views, external views, views from above, from below, black-and-white or colored—the body as landscape.

Because the workshops were experiential, I felt that rather than describing, I would instead like to offer some of the thoughts that fuel my work, and that I presented to the groups during the two days.

The following pages I envision both as linear pathway—whatever path the reader wishes to choose at any reading, and also as random access—a thought, some thoughts taken from any part of the text/image as meditation or nourishment for some moments or for a longer period of time.


Eva Karczag creates and performs solo and collaborative dance work and teaches dance and the Alexander Technique. She has been a member of leading groups in the field of experimental dance, including the Trisha Brown Dance Company (N.Y.C.). Presently she is on the faculty of the European Dance Development Center, Arnhem, The Netherlands, where through her teaching, dance making and performing she continues to challenge the boundaries of dance and dance training.


"Through hands-on guidance and the use of imagery and stillness
being attentive to and interested in sensation and learning
to trust the innate intelligence of the body"

"Developing patterns of expansion and free flow of movement
opening the possibility of making informed choices moving
in more efficient and integrated ways"

"Exploring stillness as the place where subtle inner movement can be perceived
within the stillness, through touch and image, time and space can expand"

"Within the perception of inner expansion, embracing the idea that
movement can fill any expanding space within the body"

"Softness and falling, expansion and filling emptiness and
availability, openness to possibilities"

"Inner movement leads to movement through the space thought
becoming a physical reality in the body"

"as a beginning, using the floor moving through the simple developmental
actions of rolling and crawling a gradual journey upward towards and
into the upright, into standing, walking and running"

"Within moving, finding the integration of the new information, the new
experience of body stretching the availability of movement within
each individual — physically, emotionally, imaginatively"

"Less about being forceful, more about allowing less about being willful,
more about being willing"

"A delight in deeply sensed, deeply understood and fully physicalized moving"

"Attention filling your whole body"

"Your body has length and width and depth"

"There is space and time here — space inside and around you"

"Space for listening"

"Space for sensing"

"There is space and time here — space inside and around you"

"Space to observe"

"Space to make a decision"

"And space to move"

"Sometimes a beginning is slow and full of sensation sometimes
the body is open and available — ready for anything"

"Breathing with whole body not just with lungs"

"Hand touching partner's back to draw awareness, breath to the place touched"

"This is a hand that doesn't want, that doesn't know what's right or wrong"

"This is a hand that gives space and time for whatever needs to happen"

"This is a hand that draws awareness, attention - mindfulness
to this place so that it can fill with breath"

"Breath is like water — it can't be pushed but if you open space for it,
it will rush in to fill this space"

"Letting your whole back breathe, as fully as it is capable of, at this moment in time"

"Not more — this is not about pushing not less —
this is not about holding back or withholding"

"Simply allowing what needs to happen to happen"

"Supported by the fullness of your breathing back"

"Supported by breath in your whole body whole body
breathing every cell breathing and alive"

"Use your breath let inner space, and movement inside your body
support you this is inner expansion"

"Breathing is expansion — it is also softening, falling towards center breathing is filling —
it is also emptying breathing is movement — it is also the experience of stillness"

"Moving through the space use the air — air like water —
find your buoyancy — find your lightness"

"Breathing into the fullness of your back, the softness of your front and
the light, delicate balance of your head"

"Breath expanding into limbs and extremities hands, feet, head, tail;
whole body breathing, in movement and at rest"

"Organs supporting the body's three-dimensionality"

"Placing hands over partner's body and gently rocking to help settle organs
sifting body weight downward letting weight settle"

"Breathing into the weight of each organ"

"Consider weight — and a generosity in giving consider breath — and a generosity in taking
and returning consider having arrived — and a generosity in presence consider energy —
and an abundance consider emptiness — being open, available, willing consider
fullness — being full of possibility, full of movement"

"Organs are fluid weight within the body and support your 3-dimensionality organs
are fluid weight within the body and give substance to your volume"

"Full back, soft front — your body is round and full and easeful a round body,
a moving container filled with moving content"

"Breath massages the organs moving massages the organs"

"Within moving finding the integration of the new information,
the new experience of body"

"Moving into unusual spaces within your body, moving in unusual ways thru the space"

"This is about fearlessly filling any possibility with movement"

"This is a place where there is no judgement — no thinking about
should or can't this is a place where moving is"

"Whole body weighted, whole body breathing weight and lightness existing together,
balancing each other"


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