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Walter & Dilys Carrington's Message on Videotape

To the 4TH Alexander Congress


Dilys and I are very glad to have this opportunity to send you our greetings and our warmest wishes for the Fourth International Congress. We are very sorry to be unable to join you ourselves, but medical advice rules against it and as we are hoping to be able to continue our work here for a few more years, it has to be respected.

We want to congratulate and thank all of you who have brought this great event about. We can appreciate all the effort and hard work that has gone into it. It is entirely appropriate that the Fourth Congress should be held in Sydney, in the one hundredth anniversary year of the commencement of FM's teaching. Although FM might be called "A Universal Man", his concern was always of the individual—regardless of race, colour or origins. However Australia, and especially his native Tasmania, was still ever close to his heart. He retained his contacts with friends and relatives there until the end of his life. I am sure that he would have been so glad to know that he was thus remembered and honoured in the land of his birth. Much has happened during this last 100 years, so far as our work is concerned. Much experience and knowledge has been gained. It has been essentially a matter of practical experience and, as we have all tried to follow the path that FM described in The Use of The Self, we have definitely achieved in his favourite phrase "operational verification".

There can be no doubt that he was right. Prof. Dart, another of your great compatriots used to say, "The Technique has been proved, now get on and teach it". We must all be fascinated by the way in which, over the years, connections have been made that establish the Technique within the context of general scientific knowledge. FM was never fond of theories but many theorists in different fields have come to respect the value of his work. It is indeed for us all now to get on and teach it—simply and without complication—the principle of prevention by means of inhibition and direction, the good use of ourselves to influence the good use of our pupils. No doubt that will be the theme of this Congress and we most heartily wish you all success.


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