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Walter Carrington Audios

“He never suggests that any silly question we might ask is anything less than intelligent, and if we excitedly tell him of our discoveries he refrains from pointing out that this is exactly what he has been telling us for the past several years. He does not allow us to become too serious and intense about our problems, and if there is a danger of it, he can always make us laugh with a joke or story. A word about his “stories”: He doesn’t usually directly citicise us or tell us where we are going wrong, but if we learn to listen to the stories he tells us, there is often in them a germ of truth exactly appropriate for us- if we can bear to hear it.Excerpted from ‘A Portrait’ by Mary Holland, Volume 1 No.4, Walter Carrington.

Walter’s talks are renowned in the Alexander community. A steady stream of international visitors passed through the Lansdowne Rd training school each week to witness and absorb the wisdom from this generous man.

I personally attended a handful of days at Walter’s school in 2003 and had the privilege of witnessing an era that will never return to the Alexander Technique work.

In this section of the archive we present timeless recordings of these talks that have not yet been released to the public.  Enjoy.

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